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Twitch Telethons

a Wild new way to raise funds for your team.

Hello Sports Fans!

We put the F.U.N. back into FUNdraising with a mix of one part “Telethon” with TWITCH (the video game platform) for the purpose of raising money for youth sports. We thought you might like to know more about it.  You will want to replace those car washes or bake goods sales with this easy, highly interactive and fun, fundraising game.

This is where to watch games

The Twitch Telethon is a natural off shoot of our Dave & Buster’s Watch Parties. The next Watch Party just happens to be coming up on June the 4th in Tucson at 1390 E. Tucson Marketplace Blvd., Tucson, AZ

We are currently busy inviting fans and families to tune in to Watch the Watch Party, on our Twitch Channel where we live stream sports played at the Sporting Chance Center – and when they do, and utilize the “DONATE” feature which we repurposed from the Twitch interface, our system keeps track of who (and what team) the donation is for. Minus a nominal fee to cover the costs of the site, and bank fees we transfer 90% of all funds to pass through to the participating teams!

Check to see how your team’s fundraising is doing over the course of the season.

We report the on-going progress on our real-time Leaderboard, which stimulates that competitive gene that is so prevalent with most athletes.  Every Team that registers and shares their game videos will win something. The big winners are the ones who share the invitation to Watch the Watch Party with the most friends, but all teams are helped by our talented Twitch Moderator on the channel, and our Master of Ceremonies at the Watch Party itself.

Can you imagine a more fun way to raise money for your sports team (or your cause)? Goodby Car Washes and Cookie Dough Sales, Now you can make money while enjoying sports highlights with your team, and enjoying a great meal and arcade games that Dave & Buster’s is famous for.

We are anxious to learn how you might use this concept for your organization. Care to brainstorm? Want to team up with Dave & Buster’s on the next Watch Party? Click here to schedule a call.

All the best,
Diana Wilson
founding partner/ProFileSports.TV

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