AI Camera Systems

Select the best system for your sport or activity. It is easy as 1. 2. or 3.


The camera system for individual sports, performances or lectures. Comes with a wearable watch sensor, and the camera will follow the subject who is wearing the watch. Great for skating, dance, pastors or teachers. Take a look at the example video, and go to the on-line store to make your purchase.
PIXIO or PIXEM Single Subject
A.I. Motion tracking camera perfect for single subject sports, performances or lectures

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2. PIX4Teams

An excellent automatic system for field and court sports. The PIX4Team is an A.I. Motion Tracking Robot that directs the camera to the action. Works with virtually any camera mounted on top and can be used mobile on a mast style tripod or installed permanently in a gym or practice facility.
PIX4Team is the A.I. Robot. Camera and Tripod or Mast sold separately

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The WIDEANGLE camera is best for court sports and permanent installations. All-in-one, camera and A.I. motion-tracking robot.