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Why Many People Will Never Have A Career In The Film Industry – Shane Stanley

They call it paying your dues, or earning your stripes. The truth is that very few people are willing to grab an opportunity to work hard and just hang out in the company of industry masters. You can learn more by doing than studying, and just observing or over hearing the conversations while decisions are being made as a project unfolds is an education in itself. Here is an opportunity to earn while you learn. It’s your move.

Why Do You Need a Film Aggregator with Joe Dain // Indie Film Hustle Talks

When you join PFS.TV as a sports content contributor you will be assigned an escrow account and receive monthly viewership reports. PFS.TV will promote your movie with ads on our channels, Podcasts and social media. With an 80/20 PPV split in your favor.

Best Way For New Filmmakers To Get Your Films On TV

While we can’t guarantee that your film will be picked-up by the larger platforms, when you join PFS.TV as a sports content creator, we will provide you with exposure to a national audience and viewership data that will aid in your future presentations. An opportunity in which your movie will be seen and just may get noticed.

Attention Film-Makers

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Are you an aspiring film director or videographer in search of a wider audience for your films? We are looking for sports documentaries, inspiring sports stories and classic sports movies. Contact ProFileSports.TV aggregation department for our terms and benefits for film-makers.

Coaches & Educators

Your Book or Lessons Can be Here

If you have sports related training, or are interested in learning how to create curriculum to sell your coaching modules, videos or downloadable materials online, ProFileSports.TV can connect you to your audience. PFS.TV will also aid in promoting your videos/courses with advertising on game videos and in programming between games and on social media.

Creative Corner

Limited only by your imagination.

If you have a sports related idea that you would like to see get produced and published to TV, we can help you, by connecting you with talent, producers and videographers, and by providing the platform on which to deliver your product. Select the Contact Channel button to pitch your idea. We would like to assure you, that PFS.TV is not interested in stealing your ideas. but, if we move forward with communications, we will ask you to first sign a mutual-non-disclosure agreement to protect you, your idea and the ProFileSports.TV company and it’s associations. Sound fair?

Get your Game Videos on ProFileSports.TV from anywhere!

The beauty of our new system is the ability to ingest live game video feeds or upload video files afterwords for our Video-On-Demand channels. Hit the Contact Channel button and tell us about your games that you want to upload. Please include when, where, name of teams. We will be in contact with you to work out the details.