Motion Tracking Cameras

PIX4Team Robot + Any Camera = A.I. motion tracking, without sensors or beacons. Capable of zoom and tilt. Live stream your game video to ProFileSports.TV via RTMP code! And we may put your game on our TV Channels, Roku, AppleTV, SmartTV, FireTV and our iOS and Android Apps.

Price above is for Robot System only. Camera Not Included. Add any camera. See list of compatible cameras.
Optional show control via phone app or tablet.


How does Pix4Team work exactly? (A.I., Live, Recording…)

The 180° camera on the bottom of the robot films the whole field. The robot does not move. The video is analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm in real time: it determines where the action is that needs to be filmed. Then it sends PAN, TILT and ZOOM commands to the camera on top of the robot, so that the camera focuses on the action. The video can be recorded locally in the camera memory or micro-SD card, and/or stored inside the robot (micro-SD card), and/or live streamed on any live streaming services: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, or preferably sent to ProFileSports.TV via the RTMP code. The video can be used in any analysis software.

Is it possible to have several sports in 1 Pix4Team robot?

Yes, it’s possible to add as many sports as you need to your robot thanks to this upgrade:

Does Pix4Team follow the ball, the puck, or a player?:

PIX4TEAM follows the action, it does not follow any specific player or the ball. It uses Artificial Intelligence in order to film the match as a human would do. If you want to film a specific player, our PIXIO or PIXEM may be the solution you are looking for:  Go to Single Sport Solutions

What do I need to film & live stream with PIX4TEAM?:

You can stream from anywhere that has a WiFi or Ethernet connection for free, with no monthly fees!
You need just 4 things to film & live stream your game:
1.) A PIX4TEAM robot according to your sport 
2.) A tripod or a mast (Take a look at the question “What is the ideal camera placement?” below)
3.) You can use any camera under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet to film with your PIX4TEAM robot. To take advantage of the automatic zoom and remote control of the recording, you must use one of the compatible cameras (check the list: and you can use the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA App.
4.) A smartphone or a tablet with the free App PIX4TEAM REMOTE to setup the system and live stream for free. We also recommend our special transport bag

Do I have to buy a subscription? :

➊ NO! Pix4Team is a one-time purchase! 
➋ No monthly fees except if you intend to use our streaming platform, but it’s not mandatory, it’s compatible with any open platform.
➌ No the PIX4TEAM does not need any subscription to work, to record the video in real time or to live stream on social media.

What is the ideal camera placement? :

The mast should be set up at or about mid-court or mid-field on the side-line (far enough off the baseline to avoid being hit by the action of the game. It may be necessary at times to record from the stands or a platform (however, keep in mind, if you must film from the stands, there may be jiggling from crowd movement, stomping etc… So, whenever possible, record from the ground level. Extend the mast with robot and camera mounted up about 14′ for best angle. The video will look like broadcast television this way or (as from a crowd point of view) The audience will appreciate seeing faces whenever possible, and if you film too high up, the action takes on a birds eye view (which is not ideal for friends and families to enjoy).

How far the device connected to the Application can be from the Pix4 Team robot? :

The distance between the app and the robot: it’s a Bluetooth and WiFi link, so the distance depends on the phone antennas. It is usually between about 15 and 30 meters depending on the phone model. However, once you’ve launched the app and robot, no need to stay close to the robot.

Does PIX4Team need a special tripod? :

The mast must have a 3/8 screw to attach the robot. It’s standard, but bigger than the other standard 1/4 screw for cameras. You may have both options on your mast. It’s also possible to purchase a small 3/8-1/4 adaptor for a few euros/dollars.

Is Pix4Team Waterproof? :

Just like your camera, the Pix4Team robot can sustain a small rain but it’s not waterproof. So we have a special Rain-cape for that! Protection specially designed for the PIX4TEAM robot. Protects the robot and the camera against bad weather, dust, sand… Supplied with an optical glass to be mounted on the lens of the camera at the top of the robot and a protective cap for the robot lens. Go to Accessories to view .

Do I have to buy a camera too? :

Yes, you need to purchase a camera. This is why you will have the best image quality on the market with a camera from a well-known brand, with a real optical zoom. It’s better (but not mandatory) to use one of the compatible cameras. Here is the list of these cameras & smartphones: Recommended Cameras. If you use a camera that is not compatible, it will have the automatic rotation exactly like a compatible one. But it will not have the automatic zoom, and it will not have the remote control of the start/stop recording from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE mobile application.

Does Pix4Team have an API or RTMP?:

No API planned as yet, But you certainly have the possibility to configure the destination of the RTMP stream via the smartphone app to your YouTube, Facebook or to the ProFileSports.TV channels so your game videos can appear on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, or SmartTV as well as on our iOS and Android apps.. Find out How to Get My Game Video on TV .