Many times, when people see ProFileSports.TV or meet me for the first time they will ask, “So how did you get into this business? Were you an athlete or something?” ~ Well, the answer is humbly – no. Not even close. I do LOVE sports! But I had no talent, I’m slow, have no upper body strength, and was pretty soft on the fundamentals of most any sport. I was the girl that got creases in my gym shorts from sitting on the bench for so long. And was only allowed in the game, during the final seconds when our team was either so far ahead or so far behind that it wouldn’t matter what I did. I am sure you can’t relate…

But I do love athletes, and I do love marketing, advertising and business. I wanted to create a business that would be perpetually interesting, and always in demand – no matter what the economy. Through research, I discovered that the industry of sports, for many reasons, some natural and some manufactured, has never had a down quarter. Ever. In the history of recorded history. Ticket prices continue to rise – even through the great depression! People could always turn to sports for entertainment, and as an escape from the problems of the day.

Not only is sports perpetually interesting, and recession proof, it is somewhat addictive too. That is because the outcome of any game is unknowable. As Yogi Berra said: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” and folks seem to get very attached to their hometown team, their alma mater, or their favorite team, because it was my father’s favorite team, and we always watched the _________________s.

If you are too busy to watch this video, you are way too busy. Click here, and I will explain.

If content is king, then content that creates itself, without a script, without any paid actors and now without even a cameraman? … then Sports content is KING of the world! Watch this video to find out how, why, and what comes next.